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HP and the Deatlhy Hallows, pt 2

Spoiler-tastic! And full of capslock. I MEAN IT! D:

This movie handled the second half of the book in a really good way. I was personally not a big fan of the Deathly Hallows when I first read it - for one, I find the pacing odd. The magic is just not there in the same way as in the other books. Not sure if you are supposed to take that figuratively or literally... anyways. There were many silent, meaningful moments that gave the whole movie a sense of melancholy. The fighting wasn't glamorous - but then again, the slaughter of children can never be.

Ralph Fiennes did an amazing job and truly showed us how how Voldemort unraveled, getting more desperate as his horcruxes were destroyed one by one. You can't quite know what to expect from this character, since he always acts deceivingly calm until he SNAPS and someone dies. It's unnerving, awesome and can't be easy to pull off, but Fiennes really caught that aura and enveloped the audience in it.

Now, for the - in my opinion - best part of the whole movie.

Snape's redemption.


I always hated Snape throughout the books, thinking of him as an arrogant, heartless bastard, but when everything finally came together in this collage of scattered, fragmented memories, where he comes clean and pulls his secrets into the light... I started to love the man! The boy playing young!Snape was mind-bogglingly awesome despite having so little screentime. The "now see what you just did, you made this angel drop her books"-look in his eyes when James had run into them... That far too short sequence showed such a level of complete and utter adoration for her that it wrenched my heart inside out. And Rickman's performance, in itself, paid the whole ticket for me. He is a terrific actor, which he once again gets to show us when Snape discovers Lily's corpse, or when he confronts Dumbledore about it and has to support himself because he is in so much pain... I cried so hard that I had to remove my glasses and wipe my eyes. That hurt. It still does! HE JUST NEEDED SOME LOVE, DAMMIT!

How can Rowling, Yates and Rickman, through the span of a few pages/minutes, turn my hatred and contempt for his character, and everything he stands for, into a confusing mix of adoration and pity?


I hate it, love it, and last but not least applaud them all for managing to do so.

Overall, the Deathly Hallows ot 2 was a good movie. Not the best in the series, but a worthy closure to an epic adventure that has followed me through my teenage years. I can't believe it's finally over, but the ending couldn't have been better considering the contents of the last book. I really have more to say about this movie, but it will have to wait until I can think straight and formulate better sentences.


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